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No matter how careful and choosy we are, accidents can happen and the equipment packs, boxes can bump up. Therefore, it is very important for us to get ready before we embark on a moving journey. There are very few moving companies in United States that provide the insurance facility for the customers. Majority of the movers in States provide only valuation facility that help in evaluation of your goods at the bill of lading.

Primarily, there are two key measures to avoid, control and compensate such accidents.

  • Effective security and safety measures
  • Insurance services

At Long Distance Movers Inc, you will find a comprehensive and vibrant security system that ensures that your transition remains safe from any lapse and loss. In this regard, we have hired the best minds of industry in our transportation, moving, packing and service domains. Our vehicles are properly serviced and drivers are trained. We purchase the most reliable packaging supplies to avoid any problem and loss.  However, we also accept the reality that accidents still may happen or while shipping, some unfortunate incident might occur.

In order to address such concerns of our valued clients, we have introduced the exemplary valuation and insurance program in our services. First, we help you in the valuation process and make the bill of lading more transparent one. Secondly, we provide you the facility to insure your equipment, sensitive glassware, electronic gadgets and other important household/office material. In majority of the cases, your products are covered by valuation that is part of our moving services contract. There are many insurance options like; declared value, lump-sum value and full-value protection, where the most suitable one can be applied.

To address your various types of concerns, we have dedicated insurance experts that help you remain safe financially, when you are moving ahead. We are pleased to inform that we are among few local movers that comprehensively help customers in handling their claims. You can obtain further information about your individual case and available options from our customer support. We offer insurance claims for short as well as long-distance moving service orders that help our clients make the most pleasant and joyful transition.

We also offer free advices and security consultancy to our clients. Our friendly staffers help you in taking certain small but important steps to make your move secure and safe. Moreover, to avoid any clash of interest and misunderstanding, we do everything in writing. Our contract of local moving services is very explicit and comprehensive that does not hide anything; instead, we make our customers clearly understand everything. If you have any concerns, questions or confusion, you can call our friendly support department and get your problem solved.

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